Pricelist 2008


Why you need humidity
Outside air infiltrates your home to replace the thousands of cubic feet of air consumed by your furnace, water heater and fireplace. When this air is heated, it dries out your home. You need to replace this moisture with a humidifier. As an example, if outside air at 20 with 60% relative humidity infiltrates your home and is heated to 72 the relative humidity drops to only 8%. You need 25-45% for comfort and well being, but outside air infiltrates your home and robs you of the necessary humidity. Proper humidity makes you feel more comfortable, protects your home and furnishings from drying and cracking, and reduces annoying static electricity that shocks you when you touch anything metal. Because you are comfortable with a lower thermostat setting, you can save from 10% to 20% on your fuel bill, too.

How do they work
Humid-Aire humidifiers are the answer to all the dry air problems in your home. When the relative humidity drops below the set point, the humidifier will automatically begin to supply water to the water pad or media. As the dry air passes through the water media or pad, air is humidified and carried throughout your home as water vapor. As a result, lower heating costs are achieved. In addition, this stops wood shrinkage, static electricity and other problems which normally occur without humidity. All Humid-Aire humidifiers produce humidity in a safe and pure water vapor form. No mist or droplets are present which can carry impurities. All minerals and impurities left from the evaporation process are flushed down the drain with ease.