Pricelist 2008

Air Cleaners

24 Volt Central System Electronic Air Cleaner
Connects with 24 volt wires from the existing transformer on the heating and/or air conditioning unit to the air cleaner directly. Cheaper, faster and easier to install. Eliminates the need for a sail switch or pressure switch with a built-in solid state airflow sensing device. Uses 40VA transformer already on the furnace and/or air conditioner. Power supply boosts the 24-volt input to proper high voltage to the collector cells. Maintains consistent output voltage to the cells for maximum efficiency. No other air cleaner does this. With other cleaners, the voltage to the cells drops as they collect and efficiency decreases.

Adams Cleanaire Central System Return Grill Electronic Air Cleaner
For homes, condominiums, apartments, mobile homes and applications where there is a common return grill rather than separate return air ducts from each room, the RG-1000 fits the bill. Larger homes with more than one return grill may require an additional return grill air cleaner, but will find that this improves the air quality even more.

Self-Contained Ceiling Mount Electronic Air Cleaner
Maintains constant output voltage to the cell for maximum efficiency. With other cleaners, the voltage to the cells drops as it collects and efficiency decreases dramatically.

Portable Electronic Air Cleaners
This Cleanaire® electronic air cleaner cleans the air in enclosed spaces such as homes or offices. A built-in fan draws air through an electronic cell and activated carbon filter to remove dust, lint, pollen, tobacco smoke, cooking smoke, and household odors. Removes up to 95% of the dust, dirt, smoke, and pollen from the air you breathe.

Home-Gard Media-Type Central System Model
Allergy sufferers may find the new Home-gard to be especially beneficial because it takes out so many of the things that bother them. You will not suffer the discomfort of stale, polluted air. Relax and enjoy the freshness that clean air brings.